Peeled and deveined Shrimp

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Peeled and deveined Shrimp, size 31/40.

Experience the convenience and deliciousness of Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, carefully selected and prepared to the size 31/40. These shrimp are meticulously cleaned and processed to ensure a hassle-free cooking experience while delivering a mouthwatering seafood sensation.

The advantage of Peeled and Deveined Shrimp is the time-saving aspect of not having to remove the shells or devein the shrimp yourself. With this convenient option, you can focus on creating a delectable dish without the extra preparation steps. The shrimp are peeled, removing the outer shell, and deveined, eliminating the dark vein that runs along the back, allowing you to fully enjoy the succulent meat.

The size 31/40 designation refers to the approximate number of shrimp you can expect per pound. In this case, you can anticipate around 31 to 40 shrimp per pound, ensuring an ample quantity for your culinary endeavors. This versatile size is perfect for a wide range of recipes, from classic shrimp scampi and stir-fries to flavorful shrimp salads and pasta dishes.

The Peeled and Deveined Shrimp size 31/40 maintains the natural sweetness and delicate texture that shrimp are known for. Their mild flavor makes them a versatile ingredient that pairs well with various herbs, spices, and sauces. Whether you prefer a garlic butter shrimp or a spicy shrimp curry, these shrimp will absorb the flavors beautifully, resulting in a mouthwatering culinary creation.

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